The Void
  Witches, Vlahs, Grewls

Magicly inclinde more or less human like mythical beings. No they aren't ugly horrible creatures that want to grind up small children.

Males are called Warlocks/wizards depending on power skill. They can preform all the magic spells and weirdisms with ease. 

There culture is one that is oddly mix matched odd and just out there, not much is really known, you find out slowly if you marry one to be honest. Most people are not brave enough to marry one, as it implies you will have a house full of crazies in no time and no were not talking reapers here. 


  Big bruit like humans, that all ways have dark hair, and dark colored eyes, that seem to also glow faintly red despite the eye color. They are a evil race, though some good does exist with in it. They live in the deep dark parts of the dark forest, and generally keep to themselves. 

They can preform any magic, though they excell greater in the darker arts, they are strong quick, and vile fighters. They tend to have loos family units, and no sense of loyalty above or or two people. They have a battle mode, that results in spikes protruding from there back, and shoulders, they gane painted teeth, red orb like eyes, and claws. This is known as a battle mode, most valh's to do not achieve this, to the bliss every one else. 

Shadows seem to fallow them, hide there foot falls if you will, the dark embraces them, and in truth. All races but one have some inner primal fear of them. They are an old race. 


Are much like Valhs, save they have no battle mode. They are stronger, lighter on there feet, and for the most part crueler smarter. Though when it comes to simple every day good deed doing they are as dumb as a post.  They have many tea's and medicines and hold slave trades. Its diverse rich culture however makes up for their short commings as many as there are. Vlahs are petrified of them, and they are not afriad of anything. They live rather to the west of the forest in an even deeper but less dark place.

Not much else is known about them, save that they like Vlahs have a magical aplitude that is rather scary. 

After all kiddies, I wouldn't fear what lurks in the shadows as much as I fear what might be lurking in the light of day. Only the sick, twisted, horrific, truely terriring monsters hide in the light of day. 
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