The Void
  Breeding guide lines

First lets make a list of all the breeds.

Revers Reaper ( also known as a substatute) 
Death Angle
Chrome Topians
Demi Gods

Some breeds may be added.  Its up to you to keep in the loop. NOt everyone else.


         Percents are the chances or probability that the child will be that race. 
         The higher the percentage the higher the more common for that couple 
          to have that race for a child. 


       Reaper+reaper= 80% Reaper, 15% Revers Reaper, 5% shadow

       Reaper+Reverse reaper= 100% reaper
Reaper+shadow= 99% chance shadow 1% reaper
Reaper+death Angle= 100% Death Angle 
Reaper+Vampire= 100% Reaper
Reaper+demon = 100% Reaper
Reaper+halfing=100% Reaper 
Reaper+denmark= 100% reaper
Reaper+witch= 100% reaper
Reaper+valh= 90% Reaper 10% Shadow

Reaper+grewl= 90% reaper 5% Shadow, 5% Death Angle 

Reaper+werewolf= !00% reaper But with wolf ears on fool moon* cute*

Reaper+werecat=100% Reaper but with cat ears on full moon* cute* 

Reaper+nightmare= 50% Reaper, 30% Shadow 20% Death Angle 

Reaper+monster= Not possible, child can will die with in 3 hours.

Reaper+Chrome Topain= Males can’t impregnate Reapers. 100% Reapers

Reaper+god= 100%  Reaping Demi God
Reaper+Demi god= 100% Shadow 


Revers Reaper+Shadow= 100% shadow

Reverse reaper+death angle = 100% Death Angle 

Reverse reaper+vampire= 100% Reaper

Reverse reaper+demon= 100% Reaper

Reverse Reaper+halfing= 100% Reaper

Reverse Reaper+denmark= 100% Reaper

Reverse Reaper+witch= 100% Reaper

Reverse Reaper +valh= 100% Reaper

Reverse Reaper +grewl=100% Reaper

Reverse Reaper+werewolf= Same as reaper

Reverse Reaper+werecat= Same as reaper

Reverse Reaper+nightmare= 100% Reaper

Reverse reaper+monster= Not possible 

Reverse reaper+Chrome Topian= Males can’t have children with reapers, 100% Reaper

Reverse reaper +god= 100% God

Reverse reaper+Demi god = 100% God

Reverse reaper + Reverse Reaper= 99% reaper 1% Revers Reaper

Death angle+Shadow= 50% Death Angle 50% Shadow

Death angle+demon= 100% death angle 

Death angle+vampire=100 Death angle but with fangs

Death angle+grewl= 100% death angle

Death angle+valh=100% death angle 

Death angle+whitch=100% death angle

Death angle+werewolf=100% death angle

Death angle +werecat=100% death angle

Death angle+denmark= 100% Denmark

Death angle+Chrome topian= Can’t have kids

Death angle + halfing= 100% Death angle

Death angle+monster= 100% Nightmare

Death angle+nightmare= 100% Nightmare

Deathangle+ gods = 100% God

Death angle+ demi gods= 100% God

Death angle + Death Angle = 100% Death angle 




Shadow+ Shadow= 100% shadow

Shadow+demon= 100% Shadow

Shadow+vampire= 100% Vampire

Shadow+grewl= 100% Shadow

Shadow+valh= 100% shadow

Shadow+witch= 50% Shadow 50% reaper

Shadow+wereowlf= 100% Shadow

Shadow+werecat=100% shadow

Shadow+denmark= 100% Reaper

Shadow+chrom topian= Shadows just can’t have kids with them

Shadow+halfing= 100% reaper

Shadow+nightmare= 100% shadow

Shadow+monster= 100% Shadow

Shadow+gods= 100% Shadow

Shadow +demi gods= 100% god

Demon+Demon= 100% Demon
Demon+vampire= 100% Halfing
Demon+witch= 100% Halfing
Demon+werewolf= 100% halfing
Demon+werecat= 100% Halfing
Demon+grewl= 100% halfing
Demon+valh=100% halfing
Demon+Denmark=100% halfing
Demon+chrom topian= 100% Chrome Topian
Demon+halfling= 100% halfing
Demon+nightmare= 100% nightmare
Demon+monster=100% monster
Demon+god=100% Demi god
Demon+demi god= 100% demon

Vampire+ Vampire=100% Vampire
Vampire+Witch= 100% halfing
Vampire+werewolf=100% Halfing
Vampire+werecat=100% werecat
Vampire+Valh= 100% halfing
Vampire+grewl=100% halfing
Vampire+denmark=100% denmark
Vampire+chromtopian=100% vampire
Vampire+Monster=100% Monster
Vampire+nightmare=100% nightmare
Vampire+halfling= 100% Halfing
Vampire+god= 100% Demi god
Vampire+demi god= 100% Vampire

Witch+witch =100% Witch
Witch+werewolf= 100% halfling
Witch+werecat= 100% halfing
Witch+grewl=100% halfing
Witch+valh=100% halfing
Witch+Chrom topian=100% Halfing
Witch +Denmark=100% halfing
Witch+nightmare=100% halfing
Witch+monster=100% halfing
Witch+halfing=100% halfing
Witch+god=100% demi god
Witch+demi god = 100% witch

Werewolf+ were wolf= 100% werewolf
Werewolf+were cat= 50% werewolf 50% werecat
Werewolf+vhal= 100% halfing
Werewolf+grewl=100% halfing
Werewolf+nightmare=100% nightmare
Werewolf+monster=100% monster
Werewolf+halfing=100% halfing
Werewolf+Denmark=100% werewolf
Werewolf+Chromtopian=100% chromtopian
Werewolf+god=100% demi god
Werewolf+demi god=100% werewolf

Werecat+werecat=100% werecat
Werecat+monster=100% monster
Werecat+nightmare=100% nightmare
Werecat+valh=100% halfing
Werecat+grewl=100% halfing
Werecat+chrom topian=100% chrometopian
Werecat+denmark=100% Denmark
Werecat+halfing=100% halfing
Werecat+god=100% demi god
Werercat+demi god=100% demi god

Valh+ Valh=100% Valh * dur*
Valh+ Grewl=100% halfing
Valh+monster=100% monster
Valh+night mare=100% nightmare
Valh+denmark=100% Denmark
Valh+Chromtopian=100% valh
Valh+halfing= 100% Halfing * unless halfling is werewolf /which/ valh 100%Reaper*
Valh+god= 100% god
Valh+demi god=100% god

Halfing+ Halfing=100% halfing * third generation halfing = 100% reaper*
Halfing+monster= 100% Reaper
Halfling+nightmare=100% Nightmare
Halfing+grewl=100% Grewl
Halfling +Chrom topian=100% Halfing
Halfing +Denmark=100% denmark
Halfling +God=100% God
Halfing +Demi god=100% halfing

Grewl+Grewl= 100% Grewl
Grewl+monster= 50% monster 45% Grewl, 5% Halfing
Grewl+nightmare= 100% nightmare
Grewl+chrom topain=100% Nightmare
Grewl+denmark=100% monster
Grewl+God= 100% demi god
Grewl+demi god=100% Grewl

Chrom Topain+Chrome topain= Chromtopain
Chrom Topain +monster=Not possible
Chrom Topain +nightmare= Not possible
Chrom Topain +denmark= Not possible
Chrom Topain +god= Not possible
Chrom Topain +demi god= Not possible

Denmark+denmark= Not possible
Denmark+monster= 50% Monster 50% Denmark
Denmark+nightmare=100% nightmare
Denmark+god= 100% god
Denmark+demi god=not possible

Monster+Monster= 100% reaper
Monster+nightmare=100% reaper
Monster+God =100% Deatrh Angle
Monster+demi god=100% Shadow

Nightmare+Night mare= 100% Night mare
Mightmare+god= 100% Nightmare
Nightmare+demi god= 100% god

God+god= 100% bonified one of a kind God
God+demi god= 100% god

Demi god+demi god=50% any of the other races 50% god


Angle+angle = 100% Angle 
Angle+reaper =100% Reaper
angle+reverse reaper = 100% Angle
angle+Demon =100% Halfing *death help us there*
angle+vampire = 100% Halfing
angle+wereowlf= 100% halfing 
angle+werecat= 100% halfing 
angle+denmark=100% Angle 
angle+Chrome Topian= 100% Angle 
angle +Death angle =100% death Angle 
Angle +Shadow =50% Shadow, 10% reverse, 10% reaper, 10% Death angle 20% of no kid at all
Angle +Night mare =100% nightmare 
angle +Monster=100% winged Monster
angle+Valh=100% Death angle 
angle+grewl =100% Halfing 
angle +witch=100% halfing 
angle+Halfing = 50% chance of pure blood of any race 50% Halfing 
angle+god= 100% god
angle +demi god =100% God 
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