The Void
  Reapers, Revers reapers, Race sheet

Reapers have red eyes, can be 5 foot 9 and taller. They all ways have dark hair. They each have a sword/weapon, and every last one works for death.

Reapers take the lives of horrible people, people and children who have the magic Plague, and ferry souls to the other side. Depending on how good of a person you are determins whether or not you get to live in the godly plains, or work for hades, the alternative is to work in the pits of Hades domain and ah, run the great furnaces its really freaking hot down there. 

Male reapers all most all ways go insane by the time they turn 18. The average life span of a reaper even though they can live forever is usually 40 years. Though some reapers have lived a lot longer. This is due to the level of insanity brought on the pain and torment of there lifes work. There soul not being able to take any more, will scream, reapers call this calling, Reapers, and other Races who fall under Death's Rule can hear a Reapers soul's scream. Only A reaper, Shadow, and or Death Angle may answer the call. It is custom for a Reaper to answer the call, before a Shadow or Death Angle my answer it/. Answering a Reapers soul, results in the poor tormented souls release, another words death of the reaper. All reapers get the most honorrable treatment when they finally do pass.

Female reapers do not go insane, they are forbidden to take the lives of Children, and other reapers. Thus there sanity tends to stay in tact, they are also forbiden to take family memebers even if there soul is calling. Unless special permission is granted. 

All Reapers come of age and get there blades, when they turn 13. Reapers who do not, please go see Reverse Reapers or Sub reapers as some call them. 

Reaeprs Powers as fallows.

Both Male and Female Reapers, have the abilities to do the fallowing.
Cast a 1-6 point star. the level of points determins the amount the barrier will protect. a 6 point star is used to reaper other reapers so that outsiders do not get hurt and the Target stays in the boundry. As insane reapers will murder inosent people.
Basic Magic, such as poofing, minor telloport spells, minor portection charm skill sets, and summoning charm skill sets.

Male reapers have the kiss of death, a kiss of death sends a reaper or other fraction into a ghost like state. Neither killing nor saving the life. The Spirit like creature, then moves on to the after life on there own. In the case of giving another Reaper the kiss of death, the Reaper remains a Reaper, though there memories have been earased and they tend to act and have the powers of a ghost. 

Females can protect themeselves long range, or short range, they can Emit a scream so powerful it will burst skulls. However Male Reapers are blissfully imune. They can Also use this much like a active weapon in a crowed of people, and the scream will only harm those she intends on killing. She can also make the scream less powerfull and instead burst the tagets ear drums. They tend to do this as a warning. Male Reapers find the scream very annoying. Thats about it.

Reverse reapers 
Revers Reapers are some times called Sub reapers as they can Substatute for a regualr reaper when and if the situation demands it. They are characterized by the fact that they either get there blade at the age of 14, or they have one eye that isn't Red. 
Reverse Reapers do not go insane.

Powers they have:
Both male and female, can cast 1-6 point stars, though the later is uesed mostly for their protection.
They have the same magical skill sets.
They can reverse Death, they can make a dead person Alive, they can restore 100% of a body as long as that person was not ment to die. 
If a normal reapers blade calls them, and they pick it up, they may defend the master of the blade using the blade. The blade then will channel all of its powers in an attempt to save its master, and as a defence, no other race can touch a reaper's blade with out the masters permission. Because a Reverse Reaper brings life, they are the only ones who out side of the master can touch a blade and wheild it, thus blades will call to them, to save there masters life, since most blades can not preform any action in the act to shield its master on its own. Thus Sub Reaper is also a term used, though they Prefer Reverse reaper. 

Femals Do not have the scream of death, but instead the sierens Call. The Sirens call, summons any and all active reapers, they can also inspire normal races to fight for them. 

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