The Void
  Halfings and Denmarks

Halfings are a mish mash of traits co insiding with their mixed speices blood. They can lean more to one race then the other, however they are more then likely to be a perfect mix between the two.  
They can have a multitied of traites. 
Wolf/cat were blood  will result in cat or wolf ears during the full moon all most all the time. 
Demonic and Angelic blood will all ways present itself in the form of wings. 
Vampire blood its all ways an infinity for blood, fangs and some times the need to eat emotions of some sort. 


They are beings that once were like the other races. They are tall, all are male, and they have the mark of den in black or red on their right hand. 

They have an aplituted and a yerning to protect children, to go as far as either adopting them, or giving them to people who will be nice to them to raise in oder to protect a child from any form of abuse, neglect, or harm. 

They are cures because they sided with the book of Den, who still has there souls. The book of Den was made from a god, and evil one. Who they had been tricked into making a pact with. Demarks are mysterious and not to much of them is known. Not to much is even written about them, except for the fact, they yern to have the black marks turn red, meaning they have been released from there curse. Sadly though they will all ways be a Denmark, but will be able to have a life that isn't bound to repeat the one evil that lurks in there heart. These are minor as all the Demarks who's evil was killing some one, had been mercifully put to rest with kindness by reapers. 

The oldest Denmark's are the saddest, as their curses are much more harsh. 
Do not fight a Demark, Fighting one is Furtile, it is a death wish, and a sentence to the after life. They have nothing to loos and death is just as much of a freedom to them as getting there mark to turn red. They will protect the children at all cost, so to see on in your childs room, you have nothing to fear. Begin to fear, if the denmark is looking at you, as if you shouldn't exist any more. It can smell your are a horrible person, and that the child should be protected from you, and will if you have harmed the child to to last perminite scars both mentally or physically they will end you. 
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