The Void

 to sign up in the forums please do not use anything other than letters and numbers and spaces in your username please only use letters in your password. It will not function correctly if you do not do this.

Here are the rules you must follow.

  1.  there will be no excessively foul language, no cursing other than what the forum allows you to do.
  2. There will be no sexual content, that depicts in detail any sex act, leave some stuff to the imagination. There also will not be any abuse to words child characters in the form of rape, and like acts.
  3. All materials will be credited to the owner of such materials. If the owner of the photo or content is unknown please put that all words belong to the original owner's in or around the contents in question.
  4. What moderators and the like say and/or do is common law. If you have an issue with any member please contact the owner of this site Wolf H. Howling.
  5. you may only have one account, failure to adhere to this rule results in banishment.
  6. There will be no talk of gay rights, religion, sexual orientation, politics, twilight series, or anything else that sparks controversy and arguments.
  7. The owner has the right to add or amend any rule, on any part of this site.
  8. If characters seem overpowered is a way for us at admins and moderators to control players in the RP, with out disrupting gameplay.
  9. Although Gore is allowed please keep it tasteful, I don't want to know exactly what something looks like disembowled. 
  10. Do not torment, harass, degrade, or any threatening act of any kind towards any other player outside of RP or direct to the player. 
Failure to comply to these rules may result in characters deleted and/or removal as well as Banishment from site an the RP. You will have three warnings depending on offense.

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