The Void

The pages subbed to this one are also a must know type of deal. I will know if you didn't read about the rp inc, and fromally kill your character. Here are the Rules TO ALL RPS FROM HERE AND UNTIL THE DAWNING OF TIME!

Ten rules you must fallow are :
  1. NO GODMODDING  your character can't win all the time, it can't be supper powerfull either. IF you know of a character that is, it's mine or darks and they are our moderation tools. So shut it.
  2. it simply will not let you cuss certant words, please do not find a way to get around this, your posts will be edited if so. After so many edits they will be deleted, after so many deletes you will be removed.
  3. YOU CAN NOT KILL another players character, unless you work it out first with that player, I will need either in game chat ( put in a pair of these () ) to confirm that its all right. Or concent ( again with in a pair of these () ) that its all right before the action is made.
  4. Only Two characters per week may be signed up after your first 4, this is to help with mine and darks character explosion issues. However this rule doesn't apply to moderation, or administration. 
  5. All offspring in the Rp, must be signed up before its born. If you have reached your limit of 2 per week, you will just have to wait till next week. This means that the mother chracter will be pregnate till you sign the child up, then you may have the baby born at any time once aproval sinks in. 
  6. you are required to know the RP's info, you are also intitled to only 1 fail post perday. Anything more will be ingnored. YOu have ample time to ask what is going on or check on what is going on.
  7. Do not make fun of Gage and Morgan, they are my two favorite characters from two different rps that I have done in the past. Plus they rule the update page for the Rp, just live with it.
  8. If you do not rp with in a month, your character will be adopted out to another player and or killed off in a just manor. In the event that you come back, you can request its return and given an up date or be brought back.
  9. Site rules are final.
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