The Void
  Monsters, Nightmares, and Chrometopians

HUMAN LIKE Beings of masive size reported to be 5foot 9 inches at the shortest. They are beings who's heritage of blood is the result of there making. Another words monsters are created when they have conflicting blood. Such as Grewl and Denmark blood. The resulting child would be a Monster, monsters however are there own race, as they are different from all and any Halflings. They are often times uncrontrollable growling, creatures that have no concept of right or wrong and often hunt down and destroy other beings. This is due to some ware down the line having a Denmark paretn and some ware down the line having a unfortunate Grewl parent The child then becomes a Monster. The likely hood of a monster having anything but a monster is nix to nothing. Thus a Race.

They have no culture, no rhyme or reason, so non can be said about powers and abilities. One just doesn't know until one encounters and survives said meeting. Week Monsters are less dnagerous to be around and are easily be friended.
The more powerful the monster, the less likely it is to being Tamable.

A tame monster is the result of having a memeber of the opisite sex, tame them, or gentel them, Teach them right or wrong. Inc. The act of getting  a monster to obe you is harder then taming a wild fire breathing full grown adult dragon male. So good luck in your endevours. Male Monsters are more common then females, as female monsters tend to be less monstrous.

They comuninicate with more of a hunted form of growls and howls sounding much like a ghost beast would. 

They can travel in packs of more then three members of there own kind.


They are the most unholly scary human like creatures to ever walk the earth. They comunicate much like monsters however they hiss, growl and howl much like a big cat would. They are slender, come in all shapes and sizes, all kinds of temperments, and unlike monsters can tolerate traveling in groups. Of no more then three. 

They are teritorial more so then Monsters, they are fearce agressive, and over powering. They are what scares the monsters under the bed, what shadows hate to hunt, what reapers fear, and what the gods dread. They are fear itself.  Some pairs can result in the creation of a Nightmare. Nightmares unlike monsters however can be reasoned with, can often times be social, and often times not hunt others for sport. They are easier to tame in that sense, but its more dangrous to approch one of these then it is is a monster. 

Not much is known about them, as they are results of halfling pairings mostly.

Chrom Topians

They are a race of beings that range in height like normal humans do. They tend to be more on the tanner side, tend to have mediam to light hair, rarely is it dark unless its on a male's head. There eyes range from all kinds of shades, more so in males then in females. 

The reason for this is quite simple, Males are gargoyles. They have a gaurd form, that is made of some sort of rock, gem inc, and takes the shape of a animal either a normal animal or one of myth. Their eyes reflect the color their guard farm is. However some instances eye color can be decieving. 

Female Chromtopains
They are magically inclind, some times can control an element, and can more or less kick, punch and claw up any beast larger then them. They are as strong as any rock, and as cunning as any creature.  Which is all good considering the males are Gargoyles and rather stuborn. 

Not much else i known, as the great Chromtopian empire crumbled when the Grewls attacked many many moons, the cities peoples scattered to the four winds. 

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