The Void
  The Story line+

Legend, a realm of untold stories, of untold struggles, and untold horrors. Legend the realm of the beings humans log ago labled Fantasy, Myth, Lengend, Lor, Stories of fancy, yes a realm full of what this world once was. 

There is no king, for the royal family has met its end, yet the lords and ladies of the races that dwel here much seek to find a new high king. They must find what was lost, they must discouver and solve the legends with in Legend. Before its to late, before the races are split in two, before war, seeks more purchase and a undying evil seeks to steal waht little there is left from the light. 

Go forth Legends, and sovle this realms Myths, solve them for yourselves, your children, and your right to breath under a star lit sky.  Fight to keep this realm, fight to keep good with in it, fight for the dreams and goals your for fathers layed down before you.

For if this realm is lost, the only one we have to turn too, is more bleek then what we will leave, full of humans who fear what they do not understand, full of misunderstanding and regret a world so harsh and cruel the soft hearts of those races that long ago fled. Would shatter here and be forever lots.

Rise forth, myths of Legned, rise forth and seek your destiny to save all of LEGEND. 

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