The Void
  Shadows, and Death Angles

They are dark figures, with fair to all most ash white skin. There eyes are a deep dark all most black red, and they do not use blades. those that do use the blade only to channel there imense powers, to keep them in check.

They are all employed by death get lists, they " reap" creatures that shouldn't exist, are too dangerous, are out and out horrible, or totally contagouse. They have a realm all to there selves, they control creatures that live in the shadows, they are there minions. They are mysterious at best.

They have odd customs, odd manurisms, and tend to lurk in the shadows way to much. It is rumored that when humans spoke of a boogie man, they were really talking about a Shadow, way way back in the day when shadows were present in the human realm. 

There powers
They completely control shadows, they can summon beasts that dwell with in, and can cause horrific damage.
High level spells. 
They do not go insane, they tend to be cold, which resulated in the alll most extinction of their race by Death himself's orders. 

Death Angles

Are a race of beings that can range from 5 foot 5 inches in height to 6 foot 9 in height.  Females tending to be around 5 foot five too 6 foot range.  They generally have darker hair, though some are known to have lighter shades, and in some cases snow white hair. though it is unsure if this is due to having less Valh blood in them or not.  They have wings equall and proportionate to their power. They are all ways feathered. 

They are the unholly offspring of a Valh and an Angle, wheather or not the Angle has fallen doesn't matter. Though some kinda theorize that it determines hair color as non fallen angles would out shine Valh blood a bit, this isn't proven nor is it anything we could find out for sure.

  Death angles have two sides to them. 
There real self, there real personality, charastic of there black wings. The other side, is more or less the exact opisite charistic of white wings. If there true self is a fire prime, then when they are the other side, also known as the dark half despite the white wings, there power would turn completely into something that summons controls ice. If there true self is warm and sweet, there other side, is cruel and cold.  This leads to some cool power combos and there is a reason to the other side, as a death angle in order to protect from being burnt out, proctect from dieing or loosing a loved one. As rage could not be handled by the true self. 

Still using a fire type as an example, Powers as fallows: 

True self
They have one primary element or power, This all ways has an oppisite. Such as Fire
They can use this element to the fullest, such as creating fire out of no ware, bending fire to there will, inc. 
They have a supper form such as super nova, which would cause them to burn out... go dormate for a period 
They can use magic to the fullest. 
Can fly like any other winged bird that fly's

Darker half
Power is the complete oposite, such as ice
They can control it just like they did when the true self
They recharge. 
They do not have a super form but rather a change back into there true self. 

Females only honestly differ in height and there ability to not religh on the darker half as much as males due. This might be due to females being oviously given the longer end of the shity stick by lord death, favored, and well loved. This also means that Females are more even tempered. Who knows females have been putting males in check since the dawn of man kind. Why stop now. 

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