The Void
  Angles and Demons.

Angles not to be confused with religous beliefs have wings, they were named by some silly humans who thought they were angles. When they do not have halo's, and quite frankly can just as nicely could have been called Bird people. Though I doubt the race would have stuck with calling themselves that. 

They are ruffly between 5 foot to 6 feet tall, and generally the females are on the smaller end of the height pool. They have white wings unless fallen or related to a fallen. Its what the white winged ones call the grey and black winged ones. Though the turning of the wing color has nothing to do with Falling from any religous grace. Nope, it hast to do with an honor code system, personality, or even genes. Ya, bird people would have been a lot more accurate no?  But hey those pesky humans have to assume everything.

There personalities are generally even tempered, but hey you can all ways have a rotten one or in this case they are just like humans personality wise. 

Females have the same powers as males and wing size is linked to power.

They can summon objects of light, or preform other magics as well as fly. 
In fact they would just be rather happy to not even bother with the whole confrontation thing at all. Though fights have broken out, they tend to be a smarter race then that.

Angelic Rules
They will not engage in full on combat, unless provoked to no other means
They can not will not shall not be completly polite to a demon. To many wars to forgive that travisty. 
Fallen, are not to be trusted, and often breed with non Angles. 
Halflings between Angles and Demons are ignored. 

Culture of Angles.
At the age of 7 and angle is taught to fly. this is honestly the only, mile stone.
The celebrate the first sun rise of the new year, the last sun rise of the new year, and the winter orthadox. 
They hold the festival of lights once a year, in honor of the aurara.
They like leather a little tooo much. 

Like their poorly named counter parts,  they could have been called Bat people, but humans be really stupid. They have nothing to do with hell, or religoun of any kind. 

They have bat wings, males are tall, while females remain average. They normally all most all ways have dark hair and eye color, and they have horriffic tempers. They like fire, even if they can't control it, and can be a very violent race, women are overly sexy, and males are buff, like drop dead buff. This lead silly humans into thinking they were actually demons from there religions instead of a mythical being like Vampires are. They also argue a lot with Angles which didn't help matters. They stuck with the term Demons because at least it scared the crap out of humans. 

No religous artifacts like crosses, holly water, and even other religous talsimens, will not harm them. Again they don't posses humans. They could care less about humans, come to think of it, humans are really stupid for naming them demons and the Angles, Angles, they are no ware near there holly and unholly counter parts in religous text.

Powers of a demon, Rules of a demon, and some culture. 

Demons have a strong magical aplitude. 
Usually have a strong afinity for fire, some more strong then others. 
They tend to stick to flames when fighting.

Demons who are twins are protected if one dies the other goes on a rampage, they can not handle loosing there twin and it turns them into mindless beasts of destruction. 
They celebrate the Festival of the moon, its the first full moon in the new year,
They celebrate They celebrate the last full moon of the year
they have festival of fire and halloween as well. oddly they like Christmas which was a human tradition. 
They also hold the festival of lanterns. 

There are 13 fire lords, which run 13 sections of land. A meeting of these lords happens once in a while. 
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