The Void


       Would like to welcome you to the greatest adventure online. Here we are dedicated to doing one thing, one task, and that is to harness the Legendary Fame. are you brave enough, strong enough, to face what lays ahead in your quest.

        Please read all the rules, sign up in the forums, and subscribe to the news. So that you can have the best experience we can offer. Our  R rated site, would love to bring you along on the greatest adventure your imagination can handle.

The only question is can you handle it?

A note to all parents, please use your prental controls your child's computer or your ban with has to block this site. Failure to monitor your child while he or she surfs the interenet, failure to block sites such as this one, and Failure to talk with children about avoiding sites with clear R rating's posted, are solely your responsibilty, we are not reliable for your Failures you are. Any law suits, and any accusations, implemented against the owner or host of this site, are fundamentally not accurate. The owner and the host is not reliable for your lack of parenting, you are. 

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