The Void
  Vampires , werewolves, werecats

They are a race of beings which have pale skin, dark to meadiam colored hair, intense shades of natrual colored eyes, and can sport a hieght of 6 foot 8 though this height is rare.  They are all of a slender build, though they can and some times do, tend to be larger proportion wise to a normal human. They, move with a air of grace unatrual to any realm, and inspire true fear in the hearts of those closest to what humans are.  

Further traits, inculd, the inability to sparkle, though sun light does not effect them, but rather there eyes and yes like a normal pale human will get very bad sun burn. They can not turn other beings into what they are, the only acception is human, and only when they have bounded as a life mate to that human, could they turn them. They can not turn another being into a vampire it just doesn't happen. Religous items do not bother, hinder, or even provoke fear into the heart of a vampire. this is due to the fact, A) they do have a soul,  B) they are not dead, their heart beats so slowly it is undetectable by even the best ear. This is fantly because it seriously beats once every two hour. They do not kill the people they feed off of. They are not cold to the touch, do not smell like a corps, and they don't have blue lips like one. They breath, and no its not out of habbit. They kinda have too, though they could and in some cases have held there breath up to a year. But that is the longest a vampire will go with out air, after that there lungs begin to burn, and they begin to gasp like any other human would who needs AIR after holding there breath for a minuet. 

They can regrow there fangs, they are retractable, and no only the really old vampires from the old realm have accents.  They are very polite, lord like in manorisms though they do not see how wealth has anothing to do with how you treat another living thing. Everything, including food, it to be treated with respect, kindness, and dignaty. Right down to the help, and this is due to them actually feeding off of each other, and other races not includiing themselves. They do not eat only blood, and can and shall consume what a normal human would. As all the other races do. They have strong emoutions and can be very, agressive when in the mood for some fun. This is probably why humans feared them, though non were ever really hurt, just idiots. 

Powers and some rules and some culture shock as fallows:

Vampires tend to have a rather large network of hierarchy, That is composed of just three things you could be, your either a non titled vampire, a count or a lord. IN there society Lord is the hiest rank. As they hold more lands then a count does. 
Ancient blood lines, are pure lines comming from vampires mating with only vampires through the years, these families tend to have specific blood traites. Such as growing exotic flowers or roses. Having blades apear, or to a dagree have shadows conceal them. These are blood trates and rare. 
Vampires can thrall, depending on how old a line is, determines the strength of the thrall. Vampires prise thrall, and so blood trates are honestly more and more rare. However, a blood trate can randomly show in a blood line ware one has yet to develop even if the line is not 100% pure. This happens due to the Blood line being closer to full vampire again or depending on what the mix back in the past was with. 
Vampire women are kept and sheltered much like a prize pet. Pappered, treated fairly, but sheltered, this is due to the fact that so very few Vampire women are born, and most if not all are born with a talent. They often die in child birth, in mating, or even as a target to some other race.  Fathers choose mates dilegently, looking for the most gentel, strong, and Finatially stable to marry there daughters off too. As these male vampires, tend to be more in control of primal vampire urges, resulting in the protection of there daughters life. 
Women born to non titled Vampires, will get adopted to titled Parents. More then likely a Lord and his lady, depending on her talent. The birth parents are welcome to teach and visit the child any time they wish. This is ultamitly to insure the female future. 

Vampires are strong, fast, have good hearing, and eye sight, as well as able to use basic spells. They can bond with another being and then can be summoned easily by that other being. 

Never, ever, touch a female Vampires Hair, she will slay you. 


Also called lycranthropes, are averge looking human type creatures. Like humans they come in ever color imagninable depending on region. A north American werewolf for instance would have the wolf coloration of a Native wolf species, they would also sport the skin coloration of a northern hemaphere adult or child human. 

Odd Facts humans got dead wrong.
    They are not allergic to silver, but the chemicals often used to mine it, that are still left on that silver bullet. 
    They can not turn anyone into a werewolf no matter how many times they bite you. There were rare occasions and this had to do with halfings. Of humans' and werewolves, they then would be full blood after the one parent bit or swaped blood with the child, it never honestly dawned on the humans that if they would have bit the kid it would have been full human. 
    They are not ruled by the moon, They can shift partly * ears and a tail* or fully * full blown monster wolf* when ever they please, they do however get a power boost from the moon. 

Powers and abilities.
They have in every way the skills and senses of a wolf, save its double.
They are quick, strong and agile. They are known for their mornful howls, and are a treat to see and witness doing so. 

They often times travel in packs, something werecats honestly despise since there god cursed them * see ware cats below for more details on this* 

They are in many ways the same as a werewolf. Right down to the letter to be honest.

Differences between the werecat and a were wolf is, one really likes Catnip, and one had the god bast, who curesed her own people. You see they use to be big monstrouse big cats, bast cursed them to be house cats, and on the red harvest moon, is there only time they can be a regular werecat. Sad yes, but honestly who wants to see a Royal saber tooth walking down the road rubbing up against peoples legs. Thats scary if you ask me. 

They do not have the personatliy of a cat. However they can be catty when it comes to choosing mates inc. And territorial. 

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