The Void
  Void Master INFO
Void Masters, are Dark shadowy people, who once were Druids or so the legend goes. but really thats only a legend not even based in truth. Void Masters use Void magic, they are a dark race of people. They ware cloakes with hoods, and there eyes  glow with what ever they are feeling.  Use this mood ring chart to help. Also black glows with an odd shade of demoic purple. it very light.
Void masters, also have a very nasty habit of Casting spells in there sleep, since void magic fallows them every ware they go. The power over lesser beasts, elements, and summoners magic all fall under Void magic. Void Masters are the only ones who can use void magic. There Class, the higher the rank, the more powerfull.  Familiar would be nothing to really worry about, King class means blink and you die before your eyelids come open to finish the action. 
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