The Void
  The Waiter and so much more
waiter come here This is just awfull!....Sire your eating one of the displays again, that soup is made of wax and rubber.....I'll say you have to really dig your spoon into it and look it doesn't even keep color when you do so....sir the sighn says do not eat!....then why is this a dinner?...sir its a 5 star resteraunt ....water your so very blind, this is a dinner just look at all this rubbish,...sir you brought that in with you and thats not nice to call your wife rubbish

Wiater come here this is a monstrosity!...Sir you eating the fake jello....i tell you this is not fack...Sire the sighn says do not eat....i'll say its like rubber....sir it is rubber....why do i keep getting you everytime i eat here?...sir i have no clue I am woundering why my really should think of being a cook make some reall food ...sire i am your cook since you keep eating all of my displays.

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