The Void
Druids are magical men and women, who cast spells. Either by collecting magical artifacts, making potions, or gathering things to cast said spells using a Casting circle. Which can only be drawn in the air with a peace of Amathyst, the larger the stone the stronger the spell. Thus they would kill for larger peaces. Peaces larger then a grape fruit simply can not be used.

The Druid all ways carries a casting staff which has there stone set into the top of it. They use this to cast spells quite often. Females carry around there neck the stone they do not need to use the stone to draw the circle for there hands chanel the magic better.

All druid ware clokes with the mark that is to there house and rank. ( this will also go with what magic they are best at. and what is weakest)

As fallows:
Gold           First class     (Expert spells fastly cast and does not tire)
GREEN       Second Class  ( A Few Expert spells Meadium fast tires hardly)
RED           Third Class Beserker  ( Hard spells, rapid spead can tires less quickly)
BLACK      Master  ( Moderate spells to hard, meadium speed, tires)
SILVER      student ( learning magic, small spells, slow, and tires easily) 

Wolf     War magic  horrible at healing
Dragon   Fire magic  Horrible at Water based magic
Phoenix   Healing magic,  horrible at War Magic
Gryphon  Truth seeking spells   Horrible at Fire magic

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