The Void
  Black Claw info
A black claw is a humaniod type creature, who is capable of speach. There nails extend at will, the thumb doesn't do this, however all other fingers do. They have a urge or a compelling sense to kill people. For no ryme and or reason. They are fast, and extreemly sharp when it comes to the five sences.

 When a Black claw is born they are born with what is known as Baby claws, these can break, and get damaged. Later around 18 or twenty they loos thier baby claws. Replaced with 6 inch razor sharp claws that can not and will not dull or breake. Its the only thing ever to exist that can not be damaged, filed or broken. 

Black claws have well black claws, however up and untill there first inocent humaniod kill, they have silver tips. If they haven't killed anyone by the time they are 18 or 20 and they get thier adult claws the tips will stay silver. IF the Dark Claw only attacks evil vile people and manages to kill them, the silver will take over only one claw per hand. 

When I dark Claw has two silver claws ( both middle fingers) they are called Silver Claws.

Dark Claws can be Tamed by other Races these are called familiars and bar a cicle knot mark on thier body.

The silver and black plays a role in what powers a Dark claw will have.

Silver tiped Dark claws, can walk in twilight light settings. They can't be in direct sunlight, dim candle lighting, sun set right before the night swallows any light, and right before the sun leaps into the sky, they can handle. They also can reflect spells. They are fast agile and can control shadows.

Black Claws with no tips.  They can not handle any light. Save the moons. They are faster, stronger, and can manipulate shadows around them. They can also cast deadly spells.

Silver Claws, the day is thiers to roam in as well as the night. Thier left hand's claws can slice through anything save his or her own claws. The right hands Claws null any magical force, both hands can reflect spells. They can cast magic, They can use the shadows too. They can be tamed, all though at this point they probably all ready are.
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