The Void
  In Loving Memory

Here lies the um.... virtual tomb for our beloved Furry, slimy, feathered, or scaled freinds.

In LOVING memory of fish...

Owner WolfHHowling

Thrasher, tigger, Xray, Three Tiger barbs that were murdered by my Rosy barb.

Blue, and stripes, They committed suicied by jumping out of there tank. I couldn't find them in time. Poor dandio's

Leo my leapard Dandio who broke his jaw and had to be put down...

May you all swim in the great Fish tank in the sky.
Owner Dark soul
Peaches the molly. Who died giving birth to her many swimming happy baby fry fish. May you swim with my poor fishes in the great fish tank in the sky. And please don't eat my poor dead dandio's
Chrstian Coma the Angle fish, who lived well, yet died fast....

In Loving Memory Of Dogs

Owner Dark Soul

Who lived a long and happy life. Was put to sleep so that he no longer would suffer. But will all ways be remembered for the love and cold wet noses he gave to his owners. May you chase rabbits, and dog bones in heaven for ever. 


Belle and wolfers, lived happy lives and now they are with balto.

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