The Void
  LEGEND ( RP Story inc)
The world is called Thorian, and you all just happen to live in the nation, the last one that is still standing. This Nation known simply as Legend, is slowly crumbling falling apart and threatens to be distroyed. Its crumbling due to the broken peaces of once great nations trying to pull it down, and from with in. 
    IF it falls, the world is lost, if it falls your life will mean nothing. You might as well be ripped apart by rabid jackles for that actually would be a less cruel fate.  So find your questing partners, find your soul mates, find what hero lurks with in you, and beware of the quest that lies a head. For if you don't try, your world will be forever lost.

 For many have tried to find the Flame, but non have made it back nor have any made it to ware they must even begin.

   For the quest for the flame, is hard and long, and true danger's hand even longer.

Decide your fate, but please note, no you can't make a GOD, and no you Can't play a king, sorry, but thats how the cookie crumbles.

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