The Void
  Howl'sTest Pilot Characters
Bios and names of races who I am comming up with but half to be test piloted in the rp. when they pass the test poilet and other people may play the breed they will go into my Regular character line up.  


GREEN= test piolet, that has breed bio, and has a sign up in the sign ups. These will move on to being regular characters when the breed gets the ok. They may also stay a green piolet if they recieve the ok, but there is only ment to be one, because of breed issues. The Green color meaning its got a Go either as a one character in the breed or as a whole. 

YELLOW= test poilet that doesn't have a sign up but has a partial breed bio up. These will turn green if I am more sold on the idea and the character gets a positive feed back in the rp. These are subjected to being shot up or down the color scale at any time.  The color is yellow to remind you that is its still in a caution state. Meaning don't get to attached.

RED= tests piolets that have no breed bio, and no sighn ups in the sign ups. THe only info you can find on them is here on this page. These are ones who most likely will stop existing after a while. Thus the no breed bio page, and no actuall sign up. THese are ones I am not sold on the Idea, and I am not to sure about play ablity. Honestly interact with them, but don't get to attached, they might dissapear forever.

Name: Chaos Chainswallow
Gender: male
RP: Fuck
Race: Sub Reaper
History: Hes got a shady past, shunned by most. He carries a blade that was forged by an old black smith long long ago. On it reads for those who's blood I have spilled in the name of brother.
Other: he really couldn't care less if you ask him any thing. All he knows, is that he rather just be a nightmare.

Name: Jezra Freegood
Gender: Female
RP: Fuck
Race: Reverse reaper
History: She is one of the first reverse reapers. He blade is short, but its called the blood fang.
Other: her hole modo is if I half to revers it you really didn't do your job.

Name: Ruben Transylvania
RP: Fuck you fuck me
Race: Ghosted Vampire
History: he can't remember a dam thing but he knows it was sad, very sad, and a miserable life.
Other: he kinda is a sorry sort, but don't piss him off, He was after all one of the oldest greats of time.

Name: Wrath Morbidhate
Gender: male
Race: Denmark
History: he was one that was curse a long time ago due to the sin of pride, now he has non for he is a denmark still enchanted and enslaved by the evil book of den.
Other: If some one would instill pride back into his heart, he would become a true free den like all the others.

Name: Laura McKenna
Gender: Female
RP: arhe;o
PICK IN PLACE:a;reh;ar
Race: Siren
History: Shes really lost, kind hearted and gets along with all the other fishes. So to speak.
Other: She likes to dance more then she does sing.

Name: Zero Shardheart
Gender: male
Race: Mage
History: he comes from a long line of muddled blood. He doesn't know much about his past, just that he may or may not be the reincarnation of a smart man in a distant dimension.
Other: hes totally hot.

Name: Ruin Firestarter
PICK IN PLACE:ailwuerh
Race: Guardian
History: he can't remember fully, who he was in his past life. Or rather when he was alive. But right now hes just trying to find his ward, poor lost soul that he is.
Other: he is still looking for the one he was meant to protect.

Name: Ink Darkthron
Race: Druid
History: hes a bad boy... lets just leave it at that.
Other: he can be a good boy... but he usually goes by the name, Thorn when hes being dirty truly dirty.

Name: Simple Mind
Gender: male
Race: Elf
History: he's a little slow when it comes to some things, but he knows how to function and knows how to move things along.
Other: he really don't like Tulips... which is odd for an elf.

Name: Fara Flair
Race: Fairy
History: She was born and raised by elves, captured by humans/valhs/ grewls/ all sorts of evil things, and managed to escape.
Other: Shes the Fiary of Snow, spring, and lock picks and slyness.

Name: Baron Charge
Gender: male
Race: Shifter
History: he was stranded on a deserted Island for five years... till he got over his fear of large bodies of water.
Other: he shifts into, Saber tooth tiger, Dragon, gryphon.

Name: Slayer Banishednight
Gender: Male
Rp: fuck me hard
Pick in PLace: fuck no
Race: Void master
Hystory: He was locked in a tomb for 1,00o years, hes not a very pleasant perosn because of it, his race is rare, so hes pretty much hasn't seen his own kind in a few centuries. Hes afraid to sleep alone, thinking some one is going to cast a spell on him and hes going to end up in that tomb again. Hes a very powerful man, and a very misunderstood one at that. He lost his only friend 1000 years ago, and the pain is like it just happened yesterday.
Other: He did have a family, but it was bruitilly slottered before he could do anything about it. he looks like this   

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