The Void
Guardians are spirits that have been released from the realm of death or Hades dowmain... whether intentional or accidental these released souls, some how fallow the brightest lights, or the weekest people and then grow attached to them.

They fallow that person untill they gain enough energy to become solid with a body and all. Until this happens it is just assumed they are being huanted by a bbad spell.

When they materialize, they then bind themselves to that living being, becoming alive of sorts. They then grow wings of pure light. For they have found there ward. These usually are those who they fall for.

They can not be serperated from there ward, fore they will go mad other wise. 

They basically protect the one they are bond too till death, then they both move on. 

Garduains have specific powers. elements and simple spells are theres to comand. They are also the only beings other then death or Hades that can call a Death Angle. Death Angles protect Gardians for the Gardains cute down on there work. By symply protecting those that the evil ones like to prey apoun. 

Gardains also watch over there wards dreams keeping them good, and also make sure you fallow the right path.

( Ask me before you play for this is a new breed and this will up date as time goes on) 

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