The Void
Before you freek out and jump to conclusions... Druids do not fit under witches at all. Thus they get there own tab.

Druids are from Ireland, they are monk like mages, who work the odd ways of rune magics. They can use rune magic and Knot magic ( celtic Knot and if you pronouce it with a S so help me god I will hunt you down and murder you. The proper way to say it is KELTIC... With the K sound, Romans and English were the ones who Say it differantly. Irishmen who live in Ireland will schold you for saying it with a S sound. Thank you.)

Celtic Knot magic is a lot differant then anything else. It goes on the same lines as rune magic how ever the knots are used as wards and talismens and even identifiers as well as a way to wright things down.

Rune magic is used with the casting of runes. These will periminatly mark those who have Rune curses. Rune curses can only be used in the form of good not evil or you will be seeing the King of death angles really soon.

Druids are part of nature but not part of it exactly. They know who to heal, how to use stones and herbs for the magic and or healing ablilities and have good strong long records on what has happened. 

( ask me before you play also this will up date more as time goes on for this is a new race)
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